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Learn how Heisenberg SEO can help rank your Brenham, Texas business on page one of google. Stop losing money, get the rankings your business deserves with our Brenham, TX search engine optimization services.

Heisenberg SEO

Gary Mahon is the Founder of The Heisenberg SEO Company

Hi there, my name is Gary Mahon aka “Heisenberg” and I am the founder of Heisenberg SEO Company. Here we focus on providing small businesses with the best willis, texas seo services available on the market.

Did you know in 2022, roughly 42% of all new sales generated by local businesses originated from Google search? If your business is not ranking on the top of Google for your target keywords, you are missing out on a huge amount of potential business. Schedule a meeting with me and let’s map out a SEO strategy to help skyrocket your SEO rankings and ultimately grow your business.


Introducing the 6 Step Heisenberg SEO Process

Website Audit SEO

Free Website Audit

The first step of the Heisenberg SEO Process is for us to audit your existing website and rankings to determine the best way that we can help you grow your business. Does your website or backlink profile have any critical flaws that could be harming your rankings? Is your website optimized with the right syntax and content to support your desired keyword rankings? We will have a look at everything and develop a SEO strategy customized to help your business. Each business is unique and requires a slightly different approach for boosting business using SEO.

OnPage SEO Optimization

OnPage SEO Optimization

At the core foundation of any SEO strategy is proper OnPage SEO Optimization. If you want your business to be ranked high in the Search Engines let Heisenberg build you a proper OnPage SEO Foundation. As part of our OnPage SEO strategy we will optimize the; title, header tags, urls, content, images, videos & keyword density of your webpages. Additionally we will work with our web design partners to help; optimize website loadspeed and increase the mobile friendliness of your site. Site design, speed and mobile device compatibility has become an important ranking factor in recent years.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

In Google’s own words “Content is King”. Google has publicly stated that they seek to reward websites for publishing good content. An essential part of any good long-term whitehat SEO strategy involves writing and publishing high quality content. Here at Heisenberg SEO Company we work on improving the content on your website as part of our overall SEO strategy. Additionally we work on producing content to be published on other publications and blogs that linkback to the your website. This helps increase both the traffic and backlink portfolio of your website, in addition to sending a signal to Google that your site is a trusted resource. 

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

One of the most important parts of effective SEO is targeting the right keywords to rank for. Here at Heisenberg SEO Company we will reverse engineer your existing rankings and the rankings of all your top competitors and build up a list of valuable keywords to target. We will then optimize your; website, google my business listing and backlink profile to rank for these target keywords. Depending upon the search volume and competition for each keyword, some might be easier than others to rank for. Based upon your budget and goals we will develop a customized keyword ranking strategy for your business. 

GMB Optimization

GMB Optimization

For any local business looking to increase their visibility within Google Maps and the local SERPs, “GMB Optimization” is important. In order for us to preform “GMB Optimization” you must give us access to edit your “Google My Business Listing” so we can make improvements. We will work to optimize your existing GMB content and images with the right SEO tags, in addition to adding new ones. Sometimes very simple changes can make a big difference when it comes to ranking your Google My Business Listing, this is where our industry expertise can shine.

Heisenberg SEO Link Building

Heisenberg Link Building

Ultimately the #1 factor which will determine how well your website ranks in Google, Yahoo & Bing is the; quality, quantity and the relevance of backlinks pointing to the site. Members of our team have been working beyond the scenes for the past decade to master the art of building high quality whitehat backlinks. It is important that any backlinking strategy contains’ the right high quality mix of various different types of links. We have developed our own chemistry “secret sauce” formula for backlinking dubbed “The Heisenberg SEO Link Building Formula”. Using this top secret formula we gradually build powerful links that will help benefit your website rankings long-term and improve the overall authority of your site.

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Don’t embark on the SEO journey all alone, our expert team is ready to help. Sit back, relax and let us help get your business to the top of Page 1 on Google for your target keywords.

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